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Beans and the Second Meal Effect |

Interesting quick video on the positive post meal effects of beans and your blood sugar levels.

Beans and the Second Meal Effect |



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The food you eat can either be the healthiest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison.

 trash can

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Now that I’ve ruined your breakfast routine. . . .healthy breakfast alternatives

My sincere apologies to those of you who have lost their appetite over my recent post: Before You Eat That Breakfast Sandwich.  An easy mistake to make, as a personal trainer, is to tell people too much of what they CAN’T eat, but not tell them about all the goodies that they CAN eat.  So, I wanted to follow up with a few quick recommendations for alternatives to your fast food breakfast sandwich.

(1.)  Make your own frozen sandwiches.  Whhaaat?!  Yes!  Very affordable for those of you on a budget.  Plus, you KNOW what is in your food because you put it there! Use about an hour on Sunday to prep for the week, or even the month if you’re super ambitious. I posted a how-to on Pinterest, the link that it directs you to also has a recommendation for frozen breakfast burritos.  Score!

(2.) Let someone else make your breakfast.  If you are located in the metro Atlanta area and you hate cooking or just simply don’t have time for it, check out Elizabeth’s Fine Foods.  For a very very reasonable price, she will prep all kinds healthy & delicious of meals for you for the week and deliver them to your doorstep or even your gym.  If you chat with her, please tell her Heather sent you 🙂

(3.) Brookhaven Bistro.  I LOVE these guys because they are super healthy and you can call ahead and order a carry out. Plus I like to support local businesses. If you are a later commuter, breakfast starts at 8am.  This is my ultimate favorite place for all meals and fresh juices! MENU

(4.) Starbucks. Now, before you get all excited, this isn’t a free pass to get the apple fritter or a scone.  I’m recommending this for those java junkies that happened to grab a breakfast sandwich/wrap in the mornings every time they get a cup of coffee.  My alternative recommendation would be to grab the Protein Bistro Box.  It’s a good well rounded start to your morning and a lot less processed than their “egg” sandwiches.

Have any questions?  Still hungry for some answers?  Feel free to leave a comment or email me at  Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live!

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