Testimonials: What Heather’s Clients Say


Heather is a pleasure to work out with and wonderful personal trainer. She is extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of health and fitness. I always come in with questions and she has great suggestions. She keeps me motivated and working toward my health and fitness goals. I would highly recommend Heather– Stacy K.


Heather teaches a great class. She provides such great insight on how to continually improve my workouts, I love working out with her and would recommend her highly– Ellie F.


I can’t recommend Heather highly enough! She has been amazing to work with. 

I starting going to Heather as a personal trainer when I moved to Atlanta last year. She is the only trainer I have been to where I have seen noticeable results so quickly. What I love about Heather is that she is so much more than a trainer: she is a wonderful nutrition coach and has become a friend. She consistently goes above and beyond for her clients and has even created personalized workouts for me when I was traveling. She has made fitness fun again and keeps me motivated to get better (and stronger) every day. 

If you are looking to lose weight, start strength training, learn about nutrition (or all of the above), or continue an already disciplined regimen, Heather is the expert you should have by your side – Jordan B.


PhotoThank you for helping me regain my self esteem, and by making me the person that I wanted be. I am sure that my command of English language is hindering my ability to describe how professional and knowledgeable you are. Thank you from me and from all those who’s life’s were changed as a result of seeing the nice change that you made in me. – Abdullah

Abduallah lost of 60 lbs!


Kate WrigleyI’d been doing so-so on my own with diet and exercise but still felt I was off somehow. I have had IBS since birth so it makes nutrition even more important, and weight loss harder to obtain. Heather is fantastic! She is very knowledgeable. She gave positive feedback on what I was already doing right, and very encouraging. Every change she recommended she could explain why and answered my endless questions. I have been making modifications the last 10 days and I can’t believe how much better I feel in such a short time. For the first time in my history of “dieting” I feel totally satisfied and have no desire at all for anything I shouldn’t eat, nor do I want more than I should have. Symptoms of IBS have abated, my calorie intake was cut by about 500 calories purely by following her guidelines, yet I feel more fulfilled and satisfied on the lower calorie count than I had before! Sometimes I have to force myself to eat another snack just to reach the minimal caloric intake for the day. I’m really glad I went through the effort, I can’t wait to see how this will change my body. Best part is that everything she gave me is totally sustainable long term as lifestyle changes.

– Kate W.


Heather is an awesome personal trainer. I’ve had several personal trainers throughout my adult life, but Heather by far was the best. She’s very passionate, very knowledgeable, but most importantly she truly cares for her clients. I would definitely use her again.

– Kenya D.


Melissa StevensI have been working with Heather since February 2012. I hired her to help me shed some pounds and improve my overall strength and stamina. I got a lot more than I had even hoped for! Heather is an expert on anything related to nutrition and is very knowledgeable about alternative health methods. Since working with her this year I have shed over 20 lbs, my strength and stability are better than they have been in many years and she has helped me enjoy exercise! I actually crave exercise now that she keeps things fun and energetic. Heather is a leader in her field and I highly recommend her for whatever your fitness and health goals may be. She is a great motivator and will keep things changing in the workout so they never get boring. – Melissa S


As a director for our wellness program here at RSUI and as my personal wellness coach, Heather has helped me to achieve my goals – both in fitness and nutrition. Her fitness classes are fun and challenging. All her coaching sessions are encouraging and full of great ideas. I’m so happy to have met her, she’s a great person and an inspiring coach. 🙂 – Jill H.


Sonia SmithHeather is the instructor at my group fitness class. Although the class size is around 10 to 15 people, I always feel she pays close attention to how everybody is doing. She encourages people to challenge themselves and shows them how. Heather is also very knowledgeable about nutrition and gives you advice if she feels you are not getting the best results out of your workout. She really enjoys what she does and is very passionate about it.

– Sonia S.


Elaine DeSimoneI highly recommend Heather as a personal trainer and/or instructor. Heather cares about her clients and wants to help them get results. I truly enjoyed her classes, and feel she pushed me the right amount in order to see results. She is also knowledgeable and stays up-to-date on all things relating to health and wellness.

– Elaine D.


Kristin SnyderHeather is an excellent fitness instructor! I can be pretty critical and I have no patience for a weak workout, but Heather does an excellent job catering to many different fitness levels at the same time. New joiners and old members can expect a great workout everytime. I’ve seen great results on me and most everyone else that Heather has worked with!

– Kristin S.


Lisa HladishI first began working with Heather at Thrive when she lead a fitness class I took. I always looked forward to the early morning workouts and always left drenched in sweat! Heather was professional, creative and worked well with all of us. What I appreciated the most about her though was the extra time she took with me to discuss my nutrition. She did this without being compensated and always made me feel welcome to reach out to her with any issues I might have. She was available through email which was a plus to me with a very busy schedule. 
I would highly recommend Heather as a personal trainer and had a great experience working with her.

– Lisa H.


Judy MayHeather is a WONDERFUL fitness trainer! She recognizes her clients needs and provides a detailed, tailored program to match them. I would recommend Heather to anyone who wants a excellent trainer! – Judy M.


Brenda EversHeather is a superb personal trainer. She brings a thorough knowledge of training, a toughness, and encouragement along with new ideas for great results to her classes. 

She “walks the talk” and utilizes social media to share new ideas on fitness, exercise, and diet along with sharing her own health regime. 

She is one fantastic trainer. Run, don’t walk, to Heather!

– Brenda E.



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  • 1. Great web site!  |  August 22, 2013 at 7:10 pm

    Hey Heather trying to link up with you on facebook see elizabethfinefood.com
    to see what I have been doing this year. Events work kept me busy and looks like you were busy too awesome for you! .. I was able to connect to you on the west coast facebook but not southland.

    I am finally wrapped in my work in Anti trafficking world a success kids are safe and well. Thank you so much for your mention over the holidays. Would love to connect with you on face book I use it personally not professionally.

  • 2. Elizabeth Lumpkin  |  July 22, 2014 at 6:49 am

    Great job!


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